Breakfasts, traditional and the right way to start the day. “No cake for breakfast!” was heard by every child on this planet at some point. To change up breakfast and to keep to the healthy and filling idea of what breakfast entails, our chefs set out to create  breakfast items that not only served the purpose of a healthy breakfast meal which also was portioned at just the right size, enough to be filling but not uncomfortable.

Enter, the Panna Cotta breakfast bamboozle. Yes. Bamboozle is used because where would you find a dessert other than a danish for breakfast? The trick to the healthiness of the meal? The Panna Cotta is One Three six’s take on a modernised version of the traditional yoghurt and muesli. The Panna Cotta made of yoghurt with toasted muesli served with honey and fruits allows for some indulgence for the sweet tooth with a wee bit of nougat.

A perfect way to start the day with this inspiring piece of art.


Photo credit: Sean Llewellyn David van der Merwe – Pastry Chef at One Three Six Restaurant

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