Oh golly! Did you know there is something like a food calendar? It contains a list of international food days to help you indulge in gourmet cooking without feeling guilty and write it up to “we are celebrating”. Not like we need an excuse to chomp down on great food but it makes the guilt a little bit more bearable.

Now to run down which day we missed, and this is a big one, January 23rd was national Pie Day in Australia and Internationally the 23rd was a Sticky Toffee Pudding. 

Whether you love a meaty pie or a nice apple crumble, a home made artisanal pie is definitely worth celebrating. The buttery pastry that crumbles so perfectly when you bite into it is just one of the many amazing things about pie. Pie is also so versatile and a good way to feed a big family. Now, you can even use smaller bite sized pies as finger foods at events on a nice platter. Venison pies and waterblommetjie bredie pies are one of the many delicious savoury options that comes in pie form.

However, let’s not talk only about pie. Sticky Toffee Pudding in all its sweet glory needs some spotlight too. The decadent dessert is a perfect end to dinner on a cool evening. With the toffee dripping off a spongy cake served warm with vanilla ice cream or custard. Actually, sticky toffee pudding is just so amazing that it can be eaten without anything really. It is just that good and definitely deserves to have an international celebratory day. It is a classical British treat for a reason. 

Well, February is coming up and with that World Nutella Day and World Pizza Day. Now there is something to look forward to. Until next time! Check out our weekly specials and don’t miss out when we gush over how amazing food is.

Life is just so much tastier with good food, quality wine and great company.

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