One Three Six Restaurant, Simon’s Town.

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Breakfast at One Three Six Restaurant

Early mornings can be a rush, and a very unpleasant experience. Here at One Three Six Restaurant, we understand this, so we have a wonderful surprise for everyone for all ages. From Wednesday the 19th June, we will offer a very tasty yet affordable breakfast for...

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Dear Tarquin, Simba, Anita and all the wonderful staff at 136

Thank you for a wonderful evening on Friday night. The food was delicious and the setting spectacular. We have received many compliments on both the food and serving which are all due to you.
The cheesecake was sublime, the flavours in my mushroom ravioli were exotic, earthy and all round excellent and your halloumi salad its usual high standard with fresh crisp greens. Lots of people have told me the flavours of the pork were excellent.
None of it would have been possible without you.
Your hospitality, patience and all round professionalism made it a very special occassion.
Thank you and all the best for the future.
We look forward to dining with you again.
Best wishes
Carolyn Axman

Carolyn Axman

From The Kitchen’s Journal

Perfect Panna Cotta – A breakfast bamboozle

Breakfasts, traditional and the right way to start the day. "No cake for breakfast!" was heard by every child on this planet at some point. To change up breakfast and to keep to the healthy and filling idea of what breakfast entails, our chefs set out to...

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We missed a yummy day!

Oh golly! Did you know there is something like a food calendar? It contains a list of international food days to help you indulge in gourmet cooking without feeling guilty and write it up to "we are celebrating". Not like we need an excuse to chomp down on...

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